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Story Cubes

Story Cubes are a remarkably simple and effective means for inspiring creative thinking and problem solving in all of us. Simply toss all the dice, examine each of the nine face-up images and let them guide your imagination through a story that begins with “Once upon a time…”.   Website of the founder:   Contribution: Literacy Centre Styria, Graz

[Austria] The Island

Wordless ("silent") picture book, perfect for multilingual contexts. The golden father-daughter team that won important awards for "The Tree House" again creates a world without words, with a polar bear's dreamy road trip along awe-inspiring islands and colorful animal friends. Full color.    

[Italy] Shadow-Light-Tunes

Weblog about interessting and practical storytelling events of the South-Tyrolian storyteller Chris Göpfert.   More Information in German:   Contributor: Elisabeth Zehetmayer, Austrian Library Service  

[Italy] Nati per leggere – Born to read

A nationwide program which aims at constantly involving the community in order to give children a better chance to develop from an intellectual and emotional point of view. Looking at the same pictures, imagining the same situations at the same time , sharing emotions creates pleasant moments and ensures exclusive quality time together.   More information:   Contributor: Elisabeth…

[Belgium] Academy for Storytelling

Storytelling college lead by a team of professional artlecturers and artists.   More information:   Contributor: Elisabeth Zehetmayer, Austrian Library Service  

[Belgium] Stichting Vertellen

An open organisation with a working board, working groups and a circle of participants and interested parties. The participants are registered storytellers. Based in Antwerp.   More information:   Contributor: Elisabeth Zehetmayer, Austrian Library Service

[Netherlands] Storyfactory

Website of the Dutch Storyteller Marco Holmer presents beside various stories a lot of project materials especially in the German version – here you also can find a lot downloads, the project description is called “the blue lagoon” and has a relation to our water-theme. A wide range of useful material about storytelling, kamishibai etc. Parts are unluckily not translated…

[Belgium] Once upon a time

Original: Er was eens Master thesis literature from 2010, written by Maartje Johanna van Berge after an internship at the Reading Foundation about the presumed read-promoting effects of storytelling on children.   More information:   Contributor: Elisabeth Zehetmayer, Austrian Library Service    

[Austria] Storyteller Helmut Wittmann

Website of the wellknown Austrian storyteller Helmut Wittmann, presents his books with fairytales as well as information about his programs and seminars about storytelling. More information in German and partly in English:   Contributor: Elisabeth Zehetmayer, Austrian Library Service