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[OER Kamishibai] The Strength of true Friendship

This is an OER (Workshop) for the story "Friends" from Bulgaria and it uses the method Kamishibai. This OER has been piloted in European schools and libraries.  

[Poland] Teaching is fun – students can be teachers (COMENIUS-project)

„Teaching is fun – students can be teachers“ project (2013-1-PL1-COM06-38516) aimed at working cooperatively to produce materials, which reflected the similarities and diversities of the fields of interest of the students from partner countries. Students of Gimazjum nr 13 in Lodz/Poland made the presentation to teach the teachers and students from the partner countries about Kamishibai, which is available in…

How to build a paper theatre (kamishibai)?

In the Cuentosmonos project two women from Catalonia (Spain), Ana Caillabet and Suani Armisen,  explain how to make and how to use kamishibai / paper theatres. The website is in Spanish but contains a lot of photos: http://www.cuentosmonos.com/portfolio/kamishibai/and http://www.cuentosmonos.com/2015/01/como-hacer-un-kamishibai-de-carton/