Literacy Centre Styria

Leszezentrum Logo.inddThe LITERACY CENTRE STYRIA, located in Graz, Austria, is an institute for library development, library organisation and literacy promotion. It was founded as an NGO in 2005.

Organised as a NGO with 5 employees, it cares for about 210 public libraries, e.g. in municipalities, parishes and hospitals, and for more than 300 school libraries in Austria’s Federal State of Styria. It helps to establish and develop libraries, advises on book and media stocks, initiates, supports and organises pedagogical activities in libraries as well as it organises training courses for librarians. Besides, the Literacy Centre is very active in literacy activities (e.g. Bookstart projects, reading promotion), in teacher training and in parents education. Thus it plays a significant role regarding literacy and provide essential input for developing and building up an efficient library and literacy education network in Styria.

It has also gained a lot of experience in managing EU-funded projects and has been involved in several LLL-projects with international partners (EUMOF, European Mobility Folktales, ; READWAY,
The Literacy Centre is also part of the European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET, together with 80 partners from all across Europe, and board member of the Austrian Literacy Association (

The Literacy Centre Styria is the project coordinator of Aqua Narrabilis.


Contact details:

Literacy Centre Styria / Lesezentrum Steiermark

Eggenberger Allee 15 a, 8020 Graz, Austria

Tel : +43/316/68 53 57-0

Fax : +43/316/68 53 57-14



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