[United Kingdom] Reading ideas

Three teachers share their great lesson ideas to engage and motivate their pupils in reading. (Ages 7-11).


Poem of the day read by the pupils. Poems can be revisited.

Recommended reading by pupils.

Book corner and reading area, strategies used in class to promote love of reading, what to read next; what are you reading board;

Stimulating children’s curiosity to create a community of readers.

Reading the crime scene in 4 activities: visit the crime scene (set the scene and motivation); analyse witness statements (reading comprehension); analyse a diary (focus activity on note taking); listen to audio witness statements;

Reading webs to extend vocabulary and phonological skills. Uses unfamiliar text and word sounds.

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Contributor: Margarida Morgado, IPCB Castelo Branco/Portugal

Age: 7-10, 11-13

Written by Verena Gangl