Public Library in Ursus District of the City of Warsaw

BP Ursus logo The Ursus Public Library in Warsaw is a cultural institution with a main aim to satisfy reading and educational needs of the local society, to disseminate knowledge and to support the development of education and culture. The library has been active for over 60 years and has got a very active voluntary circle with 40 volunteers in the age of 11-16, supporting library services towards children. The total staff number is 30 people.

The library’s catalogue contains more than 100.000 books; 2.600 CD-ROMs and DVDs as well as 800 volumes of books in foreign languages. The library is an institution which is deeply involved in the education of children based on books. The library organises many courses, workshops and lectures for teachers and educators, working with children. A special sub-website of the Library for Children has been created and it is maintained on the Library’s main website. BPURSUS collects books with special attention to those books used to develop young people’s knowledge and making them active in local communities.

The Library tries to have an effect on the European awareness of young members of local society and has substantial experience in EU funded projects.  In 2007 one of the library’s projects was honoured as one of the twenty best Grundtvig projects by the EU.

Related projects in which the library has participated include:

Skorosze – the area of talents (LLP Youth) 2011

  1. European Mobility Folktales (LLP Comenius) 2011-2013
  2. Lifelong Readers: A European Reading Promotion Framework for Primary School Librarians, Educators, and Administrators (LLP Comenius) 2011-2013
  3. Art of the Book (Culture) 2011-2013
  4. Science Fiction in Education (LLP – KA3 ICT Multilateral Networks) 2012-2014
  5. Digital Literacy 2.0 – Train-the-trainer & qualify-the-user (LLP – KA3 ICT Multilateral Networks) 2012-2014
  6. Mini area – maxi Europeanism. Ursus – let us surprise (LLP Youth) 2013

The website of Ursus Public Library is:

Contact details:

Plutonu Torpedy 47, 02-495 Warszawa / Poland

tel: +48 22 882 43 00


Director – MA Piotr Jankowski

Contact person:

Małgorzata Kołodziejczyk – deputy director

tel: +48 22 882 43 00