How to browse and use the toolbox

The Toolbox/database is a collection of more than 200 resources (e.g. festivals, publishers, websites, trainings, books, articles, …) from different European countries in relation to storytelling, narrative competencies and water:

You can search by

  • the type of resource, e.g. article, website, picture book, fairy tale, training material, OER
  • the age group
  • the language of the resource
  • or by just typing a keyword that comes to your mind when you think about water, stories …!

You can also combine the categories.

The toolbox is also the storage for 18 stories from all the project partners – stories about water from Austria, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria and Cyprus. You can find them under the respective button “stories about water” or by searching the normal database. These stories have been translated into all the partners’ languages as well as some of them additionally into Italian, French and Spanish.

Moreover, there is an own button for our 72 Educational Activities (OERs), based on those 18 stories; these OER’s are also available as one document, the Guide to OERs, which also explains the use and meaning of the Open Educational Resources.

14 of these OERs have been piloted in European schools and libraries, you can find them here; some other 11 OERs have been used for the training courses (information below) and have been translated into all the partners’ languages and into Spanish, French and Italian.

Last but not least, the toolbox also offers the download of our course books (training material) for pre-service and in-service teachers, kindergarten educators and librarians. These course books are meant for trainers and should offer the possibility to familiarize the participants with different methods of storytelling. The courses use some of the Aqua narrabilis-stories and OERs.

Moreoever, there is a self-study e-learning AQUA NARRABILIS course available for everyone who is interested in storytelling with the 4 techniques features in Aqua Narrabilis.