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[Slovakia] Making puppets from pieces of clothes

The video presentation how in a few minutes make the puppet from clothes. Educational material, which can be used by teachers and librarians during activities with children in every age. Link to the video.   Contributor: Małgorzata Kołodziejczyk

[Slovakia] Shadow theatre

The shadow theatre, prepared by the students from class 9A in Lazany (Slovakia) on Halloween Day.   Link to the video.   Contributor: Małgorzata Kołodziejczyk

[Slovakia] The story of the packaged water

The educational film about water in the bottles made by Annie Leonard.   Link to the website.   Contributor: Małgorzata Kołodziejczyk, BP Ursus/Warsaw, Poland

[United Kingdom] Literacy – Using archive film

A teacher uses archive film in her English and media lessons to explore the structure of narrative, character and setting, and to develop pupils' understanding of film language. Explore archive film for understanding narrative structure. Sound and image activity before viewing (setting time, place, characters, story). Showing contrasting characters for students to make inference and deduction. Mise en scene (composition…

[United Kingdom] How To Make Shadow Puppets With Your Hand

This guide shows you How To Make Shadow Puppets With Your Hand. There is a series of related videos on how to make shadow puppets with your hands and a shadow theatre by a professional puppeteer Corinna Bona.    

[United Kingdom] Reading ideas

Three teachers share their great lesson ideas to engage and motivate their pupils in reading. (Ages 7-11).   Poem of the day read by the pupils. Poems can be revisited. Recommended reading by pupils. Book corner and reading area, strategies used in class to promote love of reading, what to read next; what are you reading board; Stimulating children’s curiosity…

[United Kingdom] Storytelling: Raja’s secret

This Lesson Starters episode offers a couple of minutes of a traditional Punjabi story, performed with shadow puppets for KS1 English pupils. Shadow puppets. Punjabi story. The story sets up the basic plot, introduces the main characters and leaves the audience at a point where they have to guess what happens next. High attaining pupils will be able to write…

[United Kingdom] Radio Broadcasting

A Key Stage 2 English lesson about non-fiction recount that involves radio broadcasting. Children present information so as to engage the listener and learn how to build a script. Also describes a template for the description of the non-fiction story. Develops a sense of narrative. Learning to frame the information, clear view points. The students broadcast the scripts using ICT…

[United Kingdom] Storytelling: Key in the Sea

A story with puppets, for KS1 storytelling and creative writing about the sea. Uses table top puppets. Scandinavian story. Sea theme. You may need to log in, but log in is free.   Link to the website. Contributor: Margarida Morgado, IPCB Castelo Branco/Portugal