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[Story] Cyprus: Tirlintis

Connected to this story, you find 2 OERs (Workshops, educational activities) in our toolbox and in the Guide to OERs.

[Story] Bulgaria: The Rivulet

A story about how the game of the clouds high in the mountains made a rivulet. On its way the rivulet meets a lonely spring and then in a friendly hug both of them continue together down the way for a joy of all the forest dwellers. Connected to this story, you find 8 OERs (Workshops, educational activities) in our…

[Story] Bulgaria: Friends

A story about the little tadpole Ellie that meets various water creatures. Now grown, the frog leaves the dried up lake, meets the salty sea, the lush river Iskar, and the frogs swamp. Finally, she finds a true friend - the little dewy drop named Somebody. Connected to this story, you find 6 OERs (Workshops, educational activities) in our toolbox…

[Story] Bulgaria: The family tale of the Shtarkovs

The trader Ivan hurries up to return to his native place from the far away India. He washes with the water from a magical well and becomes a stork, but when he flies to his native shore breaks the bottle with magic water, which again could make him a man. He suffers because his relatives did not recognize him. In…