© Helga Bansch 2About the survey

With the survey (the results are published here at the Database) we collected and are still collecting information about narrative skills in different countries in Europe. In particular, we have been searching for material and literature that promote narrative skills. We collected available data of good practices and tested material. All this material is presented in English, but in some cases also in the original languages in our Database.

We were looking for material in all languages of the partnership and some other widespread languages. We are offering you:

  • Books and publishers
  • Websites
  • Previous project websites
  • Names and information about experts
  • Associations and other organizations that deal with narrative skills
  • Libraries
  • Training institutions for teachers
  • Good practices
  • Scientific articles and books
  • Storytelling festivals and other cultural institutions
  • and many more!

Skim through our Toolbox, using different age groups and categories!

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